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How To Combine CRM And Email Marketing?

The very classic way of combining CRM with email marketing is to import customer data and automate your email campaigns.

A lot more can be done by combining CRM and email marketing than just getting access to customer contacts from the CRM database. There is a whole set of optimization and personalization that can be done with automated CRM features.

You can easily collect the lead generation data, segment your email contacts, find qualifying leads with ease and make sure your efforts are focused on high return tasks. The personalization level you can achieve with email marketing in CRM is also relatively high and gives you many options.

Here are some things you can achieve or optimize by integrating email marketing with CRM.

More Effective Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. It helps fine-tune your user personas and achieve a better personalization level across all your customer-facing business operations.

In normal circumstances, you can only collect limited information about a customer. In contrast, with a CRM system, you get loads of data that can be used to segment and personalize customer interactions easily. Both emails and CRM provide you with immense opportunities to collect data from the user.

Third-Party Software Integration

Have you ever wondered how you can embed email forms and social media features into your email? Now you can do it with ease without necessarily having to add in extra coding or manual effort. You can easily integrate social media tools and other third-party software into your email messages using a CRM. Using tools like Zapier, you can integrate hundreds of apps including  other email marketing software and further enhance the CRMs functionality.

Even if your CRM does not currently offer in-built support for specific third-party integrations, it will let you build it yourself with the help of APIs.

Email Personalization

The more personalized your emails are, the more effective they will be in terms of lead generation. As revealed by HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report 2020, personalization was considered the best tactic to improve email engagement.

Email marketing CRM lets you consolidate data from multiple channels and offers a sophisticated level of personalization. For instance, if your contact has searched for a product in any of your social media handles or has made a query regarding the same,  you can log such data into CRM with ease. You can use the collected data to craft personalized email messages to reach out to the customer and increase your chances of securing a successful sale.

Alerts for More Useful Follow-ups

Do you know an excellent way to increase your sales? Try sending useful follow-up emails that introduce the customer to any related products, better deals, exclusive offers, and more.

With CRM email marketing, you can set up automatic alerts and notifications to be sent to selected email contacts based on an event or a deadline.

Improved Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process by which you gently nudge your customers into the various stages of a sales funnel, from the initial discovery point to the final sales. CRM equips you with the correct information that will help you quickly craft the personalized journey for each customer and make sure the lead nurturing process is smooth.

About 65% of marketers feel that lead nurturing is one of the topmost challenges involved in marketing. Being able to do it efficiently is an excellent advantage that email marketing in CRM gives you.

Customizable Email Marketing Templates

Your CRM application can create pre-defined templates to quickly craft and send email messages. As a step further, you can also customize these templates by using the specific customer data you get from the CRM.

Using the email marketing templates from CRM can also ensure you have a uniform look and feel across all your channels. These templates are also responsive and bug-free, ensuring a high level of reach and quality operation.

Email Marketing Automation

As mentioned earlier, CRM can automate your email marketing communications. You can set up events based on customer interactions, past purchases, product inquiries or engagement workflows. You can set up reminder emails, automate newsletter mailings, send email confirmations and acknowledge each sales activity. Marketing automation can greatly save your time and the way you target your customers.

Mass Email-Sending

Mass email sending becomes the most straightforward task when you combine your email marketing with CRM. You can set up customer segments, select contact lists, and send mass email communications instantly.

Detailed Analytics

With just email marketing in place, you will not be able to track the customer interactions and data collection effectively. When you use it in combination with CRM, you can easily log each customer’s interactions and make sure you make data-based decisions in the future. The ability to collect data and analyze it lets you recycle your most successful campaigns and get to the bottom of what works and what does not.


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