How To Combine the Power of CRM and Email Marketing -


What are your thoughts on having a CRM specializing in email marketing? Sure, you can have a separate email marketing tool independent of your CRM, but it will make little sense not to take full advantage of everything that a CRM can do for your email marketing campaigns.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and gives you access to a centralized database of customer data, including their contact details, past interactions, and several insights into customer behavior. However, CRM tools offer much more than centralized data storage, a good CRM is a powerful tool for streamlining your entire sales and marketing process.

CRM email marketing refers to any effort that relies on a CRM to execute email marketing campaigns. The data from CRM is effectively used to craft better-personalized email content, reach out to the right audience, and get better ROI. But there is more to it. In this article, we will explore email marketing CRM in-depth and help you get started.

Advantages of Combining Email Marketing and CRM

Here are some of the significant benefits of combining CRM email marketing to let you rethink the way you strategize email marketing.

  1. CRM lets you gain a holistic view of customer data and create emails with better positive outreach. As you have access to your audience’s data, you can use it to craft personalized email messages that ought to be more appealing.
  2. Combining CRM and email marketing lets you devise and execute personalized communication journeys for each of your prospects. For instance, if you find a customer has frequently visited your site through your email call-to-action buttons, you can send them more informative emails frequently as they seem to value your emails.
  3. CRM lets you simplify the email creation process with the help of pre-built email templates. For the most common use cases, such as presenting a sales pitch or collecting user data through forms, you can easily set up an email using the pre-made templates provided by your CRM application. This lets you save time and cost that goes into crafting emails for each scenario from scratch.

Additionally, the email workflows provided by some CRM applications such as GoCRM enable you to automatically segment customers as well as provide a full-funnel marketing approach. Meaning, you can seamlessly integrate SMS, phone and automation into your marketing campaigns. Thus, achieving state-of-the-art customer experience without any added effort.


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